Susanne Holse


Throughout her career, Susanne has had management responsibility as a CEO, as well as responsibility for sales, marketing and deliveries to large corporations. Susanne has primarily worked in global companies with the responsibility for engagement with large clients, but has also acted as the manger in danish companies, including a period as CEO.

Susanne has work within sales, working as everything from Account Manager to Sales Director with the responsibility of a revenue of more than a billion kroner. For a number of years, Susanne has been responsible for some of the nations largest private educational providers within the IT industry.

Throughout her career, Susanne has proven that she can recruit high performing teams and team members. Susanne has an eye for locating the right employees that can perform within the given environment and teams. As a certified coach and personal training, Susanne has great experience understanding the motivation of the individual, as well as assessing, whether or not they are able to solve a given assignment.

Through the work within large international companies with structured sales and HR processes, Susanne has obtained insight of the necessary process to control competence growth, as well as remuneration models.

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