Professional & Informal

At Brinch & Partners, we are experts in finding and assessing people and we are a natural sparring partner for your company, if you wish to discuss topics such as Search & Selection or HR Consulting. We are a nationwide consulting company with offices in Copenhagen and Aarhus that recruits managers and specialists based on our clients’ strategies, ensuring that our clients are provided with the required competencies through our carefully designed recruitment process characterized by close collaboration between consultants and clients.


We base our recruitment process on a thorough analysis of the market, the company, and the various aspects of the position. We believe it is the task at hand that determines the method, not the other wat around. A thorough, previously tested recruitment process along with a close ongoing dialogue between the consultants and the clients ensures a comfortable and professional experience for all parties involved.

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We assist in optimizing the required competencies in companies’ in-house HR. Our HR management services will always be based upon a goal-oriented understanding of the needs and ambitions of your company. We initiate a thorough dialogue about the character of the assignment and ensure a clear agreement concerning how we can deliver value to your company.

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At Brinch & Partners, we have a strong focus on the composition and recruitment of members of a development-oriented board. We have made it a core specialization to advise and consult small-and medium sized companies in growth, as we have great insight within the strategic challenges that these companies might face.

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We specialize in people and use professional tools, a structured process and our solid experience when assessing both individuals as well as teams. This is to ensure a clear focus on the individuals’ competences and how these can be used most efficiently in a team.

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