Declaration of Consent – Jobbank

Permission is hereby granted to that the information entered, as well as submitted/attached documents may be registered and used for purposes of recruitment and statistics.

General Information:

The Declaration of Consent is by submission 100% voluntary. Only registered persons, who has accepted the Declaration of Consent will be considered in relation to the position, while other inquiries will not be received.

Retention Period:

When the registered person has accepted this declaration and forwarded personal data to the database of Brinch & Partners, we will store this informations up to twentyfour months, as required by law. Following the twentyfour months the registered person wishes to enter our jobbank again, or apply for another position following the twentyfour months, we ask you to register again.

Categories of personal data processed:

Brinch & Partners with use the data of:

  • Name, phone number, e-mail address.
  • Geographical location
  • Former employment history
  • The application itself
  • Other personal information included with this application.

Purpose of the processing:

Brinch & Partners will use the data concerning geographical location, the application itself, former employment and other regular personal data, in order to assess the registered person in relation to the specific selection process. Furthermore, Brinch & Partners are allowed to assess whether the registered profile can be used in relation to other positions. By accepting this declaration, the registered person allows Brinch & Partners to forward this data to the specific company (third party) following the first interview. It is important to emphasize that Brinch & Partners will never contact any references and others without consent. If there is conducted any personality and/or ability tests throughout the recruitment process, this information will be shared with the specific company.

Your Rights:

The registered candidate has the following right in relation to the processing of personal data:

  • Right to rectification (jf. artikel 16)
  • Right to erasure (right to be” forgotten”) (jf. artikel 17)
  • Right to restriction of processing (jf. artikel 18)
  • Right to data portability (jf. artikel 20)
  • Retten til object (jf. artikel 21)

If the registered applicant wishes to exercise one or more of these rights the applicant has to contact Brinch & Partners through an e-mail through The information provided by the applicant be changed or deleted as soon as possible and the applicant will receive an e-mail confirmation, when these informations has been changed or deleted.


According to article 32 in GDPR, Brinch & Partners are obligated to notify the relevant authority within 72 hours, if a security breach relating to the storage of personal data happens. In the case of security breach that results in a risk of the rights or freedom of the applicant, Brinch & Partners are obligated to notify the applicant. Cf. article 31, 35 and 37 of the GDPR, the applicant has the right to receive insight of the applicants data, to make objections against the process or demand correction of any information. If the registered applicant wishes to exploit these rights, the applicant can contact the recruitment agency on


All information disclosed during the recruitment process is considered confidential and may not, unless it is required by law, be disclosed or presented for third parties without a prior written consent from the revealing party.