At Brinch & Partners, we are experts in assessing people, both individually and in relation to how they are interact in teams. We are used to focusing on the skills needed for a specific role, and matching these with relevant candidates. We use a variety of professional and widely accepted assessment tools, which will strengthen the insights into the team and allowing to explore the dynamics of the team, as well as uncover which skills that are needed within the team.

It is always the current assignment that determines the method, and not the other way around. We customize every team assessment, so we can provide clear recommendations of the dynamics of the team.

We use various assessment tools, including:

Cognitive tests:
– CEB (Gartner) Inductiv ability test
– CEB (Gartner) Verbal ability test
– CEB (Gartner) Numerisk ability test
– CEB (Gartner) Motivational ability test

Personality test:
– OPQ32r (CEB/Gartner)
– PI (Predictive Index)