HR Consulting

We assist in optimizing the required competencies in one’s in-house HR-function, as well as how to stay up to date with the constantly evolving requirements for HR in supporting the company’s strategy. It is both expected and recommended that one cooperates with external partners concerning specific challenges and development initiatives in the company. New information and inspiration is fed to HR and the company, thereby avoiding over dimensioning one’s HR-function with employees and competencies that will never be put to play efficiently. Our HR-management services will always be tailored to your business’ needs and ambitions. We will have a thorough dialogue about the nature of the task and together elaborate a clear agreement on how we best provide your business with the services and solutions that meet the required expectations and thus add value to your company.

Performance Management

An important motivational factor for most professionals is the meaningful balance of expectations between managers and employees. We advise companies on how to implement employee performance reviews and goal-oriented systems, that fits the commercial needs and culture of your company.

Succession Planning
Do you know your company’s organizational robustness and plans in the event of key personnel suddenly leaving? We develop methods and frameworks for succesion planning that can be used to give the executive team a good overview.

Organizational review
Do you know to which degree your company lives up to the requirements in order to implement the strategy? We develop and implement review methods, in order for management and HR to conduct an organizational review in order to initiate actions that corrects and develop the organisation, which can support the needs of the business in the most optimal way.

Career Advisory
Our consultants know the market and has great experience within recruitment and career advisory. We conduct career advisory based on the individual life of the candidate as well as future goals.
Organizational Strategy
Most companies has a strategy, but it is not necessarily an operational organizational strategy. In collaboration with you, we can develop an organizational strategy, which allows you to follow up on and measure, whether or not it supports the overall strategy of the company.
Outplacement has two major purposes. First of all, it helps loyal employees continue there career and by that secure them in the best possible way. Furthermore, it will send a clear message to the rest of the employees, that the company takes them serious.