Board Recruitment / Board Services

At Brinch & Partners, we focus on the composition of and recruitment of members to development-oriented boards. We have it our specialty to consult small and medium sized growth companies, due to our major insights within the strategic challenges that can occur within these types of companies.

We know the significant difference that a board closer to the challenges of the company can have on especially the smaller and medium sized companies. A close collaboration and ongoing transfer of skills can be a great help to the management when combining the focus on the daily activities with a focus on the strategic goals and long term action plans of the company.

The challenges and potential of growth companies:
Most growth companies have major knowledge about their own business concept as well as the technologies, products and/or services that are the foundation of the vision behind and creation of the company. The companies and their founders often have an thorough knowledge of the market in which they operate.

A major part of entrepreneurs, owner-led companies and companies funded through venture capitals have good and realistic knowledge of their own strengths and competencies. They are highly aware of their strong sides and acknowledge that the road to success goes through the supply of knowledge and external practical experience.

The external knowledge and experience can come from a lot of different areas: new employees, new partners, consultants, investors, advisory boards and board of directors.

Despite the recognition of the needs that occupy the day-to-day tasks, these are often located within the management. The companies either do not get supplied with the necessary competences or end up implementing quick and easy solutions that do not fulfill the actual needs of the company.

How we can contribute:
At Brinch & Partners, we have major experience working with growth companies and a substantial insight into the necessary prerequisites ensuring the success of the company. A number of our partners have been involved in building, developing, and creating successful organizations and corporations, as well as having worked at management and board level.

Our experience enables us to assist management, owners and boards of growth companies in determining which competencies the companies need and exactly how the right board composition can have crucial importance.

Strategic situation:
In order to provide the best possible sparring and solution of the specific task, it is important to base it on the current strategic situation of the company. Some of the central questions that we focus on are: Where is the company in its strategic development? What are the primary challenges of the company? What are the future goals and plans of the company?

Need of skills:
Another starting point for a successful recruitment is a thorough assessment of the different competencies that the company needs. The central questions in this regard are the following: The competencies of the current managerial groups? Where could the board be of greatest assistance? How does the board currently function and work? What are the future expectations of board? How can the collaboration between the board and management get even closer?

Based on an assessment of the required skills and the future functions of the board, it is necessary to determine the profile of the individual or the individuals that can complement the board in the future. The most important questions in this regard are the following: What does the composition of the board look like? What are the desired profiles of future members of the board?

In relation to the composition of boards, we draw on numerous years of experience within recruitment of specialist and managers, as well as assessment of high-performance teams. The underlying method is essentially the same and is used to uncover the needs at the board level of a company. In relation to our search & selection activities, we have built a strong network of potential board candidates.

A successful collaboration is based on the notion that the expectations for the roles, effort and remuneration have been aligned in advance between management, board and owners. At Brinch & Partners, we can contribute with our experience dealing with some of the most important questions regarding this issue: Which kind of collaboration is recommendable? What is the right level of remuneration?

Other areas:
Beside the aforementioned skills and services, we help management and boards creating the best starting point for collaboration through ongoing sparring in shorter or longer (onboarding) periods of time. Through our network, we can guide companies to the right partners in areas as corporate governance and central legal question regarding responsibility concerning the work of the board.