Lars Møller Pedersen


Originating in global roles within the financial sector – primarily investment banks – Lars has more than 25 years of experience in business development, management of specialists and recruitment – both national and international. Throughout the past four years as headhunter, recruiting top management, board members, mid-management and specialists.

The starting point is always an in-depth understanding of the organisation’s strategy, culture, market conditions and dynamics, translated into a well-structured recruitment process, where the common thread is direct communication, humor, curiosity and experience.

Lars has a well-developed recruitment toolbox, is certified coach and also has in-depth experience within outplacement, assessment and career development.

Among other things, experience with recruitment of:
– Financial sector
– Economics and accounting
– Private equity
– Sales and sales leadership
– Purchasing and logistics
– Construction and construction materials
– Marketing
– Manufacturing
– Transportation and off-shore industries
– HR
– Board selection and assessment

Phone: +45 4273 3842
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