Niels Appel


Niels has throughout his career possessed roles as CEO and CCO/Sales Directors in technology companies like HP, Microsoft and OnRobot. The career started at IBM as a software developer and project manager, men has moved towards more commercial and international roles. In the last couple of years, Niels has been involved in numerous start-up companies, including roles as CEO and board member/Chairman of the board.

Throughout his long managerial career, Niels has recruited and build high performing teams and team members. Finding the right employees always begins with an assessment of the environment in which the new employee is going to operate within. What qualifications does the team need and what kind of profile they want, in order to function within the team is often as important as the qualifications. Using this notion, Niels has throughout his career successfully recruited a large number of managers and employees.

As CEO/CCO and Chairman of the board, Niels has produced numerous assessment of teams and individuals, an area that Niels is continuing working on under the auspice of Brinch & Partners.

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