Kristian Molbech


Kristian has more than 30 years of experience within international sales and marketing, strategy and leadership, as well as business development and digital transformation.

Kristian has worked with the biggest companies in the Nordics as well as smaller and medium-sized companies, both in the private and public sectors. Throughout his career, Kristian has successfully built up and developed well-functioning teams delivering the highest level results. During his 30 years working with IT, Kristian has developed a deep understanding of the relation between processes, organizations and technology – a knowledge that enables him to advise his clients on how to best manage change, including managerial change.

Kristian has worked as chief consultant/sales director/head of sales in IBM, CA, Oracle, Symantec and Informatica. Prior to joining Brinch & Partners, Kristian had a Client Executive role at Gartner, where he was responsible for Gartner’s relations with the health department in Denmark.

Phone: +45 30540059
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